Set Jetting


The activity of travelling the world to visit current or previously used film and television locations and sets.

Also referred to as a “Location vacation”.

Welcome to Rewound and found, my place on the internet to store my set jetting collections.

I started rewinding films and finding as many of the locations as I could back in 2010. Being from Glasgow in Scotland, I started with the great films of Bill Forsyth (Gregory’s Girl, Comfort and Joy, That Sinking Feeling) and once I found a system for finding and displaying the locations clearly I just kept going.

My quest has led me around the world to some of the biggest cities and some of the quietest back waters in search of film and T.V. locations. It has seen me stand in the footsteps of my absolute favorite characters and actors and I hope by looking through my collections you can get the same goose bumps I have felt while taking the pictures.

I must also at this point thank my fabulous wife Jojo for coming with me, keeping me safe and being my chief collaborator when out on these adventures.

Look through the pictures and videos on here and keep checking back for updates as I have many more travels and projects in the pipeline and dont forget to like my Facebook page for updates and more.