Short circuit 2

Released; 1988

Location; Toronto, Canada.

With some of my film location projects I have a film I love and I head out to track down the film locations. With other projects I find myself in a place and I have a look to see if anything was filmed in the place I am in.  This project falls into the second category.

Thats not to say that Short circuit 2 is  a bad movie but lets be honest its not going to make any top 10 lists any time soon.

In the film we catch up with Ben Jahveri from the first film as he tries to sell Johnny five toys on the streets of New York while studying for his USA citizen test. When a department store offers to buy 1000 of his toys Ben is assisted in finding premises by street hustler Fred but to build the toys they need Johnny 5’s assistance. Its Johnny five’s first time in a city so Ben and Fred have to keep him out of trouble while he seeks out more and more “input”.

An American film set in a big city you might think it was shot in New York or Chicago but the entire film was shot in Toronto, Canada. Until its pointed out it is easy to miss the clues but once you know to look for them things like trams, red taxis and the street names give the game away.

We were in Toronto in 2015 and made our way around as many locations as we could find but it was March and still very cold so didnt get as many as I had hoped. By the time we got there the Worlds biggest book store from the movie had been demolished but with the pace of change in Toronto I have a feeling the site would have been redeveloped if we had been a year later.

I hope you enjoy the videos and picture sets below and if you have any connection to the film please get in touch and let me know. 

Then and now gallery

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