Roman holiday

Released; 1953

Location; Rome, Italy

This 1953 classic stars Audrey Hepburn as the over worked Princess Ann Smith on a world tour to promote her country. After a particularly long day of princessing she sneaks out of her palace to explore Rome on her own and makes friends with Joe Bradley played by Gregory Peck.

Joe (Gregory) agrees to show here the city while all the time hiding the fact he is a reporter for the American news service who has scooped the story of the century.

In the opening titles of the film it proudly states that it was filmed entirely on location in Rome and as you will see, other than a few clips of other cities to highlight the length of the world tour the film is indeed set completely in this amazing city and makes its way around all the tourist hotspots.

We visited Rome in March 2018 and even at that time of the year the city was very busy so clearing the streets to shoot a film must have been quite an undertaking.

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