Schindler's list

Released; 1993

Location; Krakow, Poland

Released in 1993, this was Steven Spielberg’s haunting masterpiece showing how the Jewish community of Krakow, Poland was brutalized and then murdered by the German army during world war 2. 

The film follows Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who is initially in Krakow to exploit the situation but after seeing the horrible way people were being treated he becomes a hero and saves the lives of thousands.

Filmed in Krokow, Poland and in many cases in the actual locations where events took place I was able to track down the shots while there in March 2014.

Krakow is an absolutely beautiful city. Within the ancient city walls it looks like it hasn’t changed dramatically in hundreds of years. Outwith the city walls it is a little rougher but in a way that just adds to its character.

Aushwitz on the other hand is difficult to describe. The whole atmosphere of the place was something you would only experience if you were to visit and on the day we were there it was just above freezing with a brisk wind and a little snow which just seemed to add to the disbelief and horror of what was carried out within its fences.

I hope you enjoy the videos and picture sets below and if you have any connection to the film please get in touch and let me know. 

Then and now gallery.

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