The Maggie

Released; 1954

Location; Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

The Maggie in this 1954 classic is a Clyde Puffer, a traditional steam powered ship that was used to supply goods to coastal areas around Scotland.

The vessels were owner operated and this is what provides us with the basis for the story of this film.

The wily captain of the Maggie sails up the Clyde into a bustling Glasgow in need to £300 and a cargo. When he overhears an English representative trying to arrange for the transportation of some personal furniture for his boss, American Calvin B. Marshall, McTaggart the boats captain hoodwinks his way into getting the job.

The river Clyde and Glasgow feature quite highly in the film and when McTaggart tries to sneak out of port without paying his fees The Maggie gets stuck below the South Portland street suspension bridge when it runs aground on the tunnel carrying the subway.

Tracking down the location for this project was fairly easy with the scenes around South Portland street and Customs house quay but at the start of the film The Maggie is seen arriving at Princess quay. The opening of the quay is easy to trace but the full dock was filled in and the land is now occupied by the SECC and the Hydro arena.

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