Released; 1968

Location; San Francisco, California, USA

This classic Steve McQueen movie has just celebrated its 50th anniversary (17 October 1968) so I cant think of a better time to post my location shots.

Famous primarily for the high octane chase on the streets and hills of San Francisco, Bullitt was Steve McQueen at his coolest, backed up with a great sound track by Lalo Schifrin.

I will be honest now. Other than the car chase I found the film a bit of a chore but as you can guess I am a bit of a petrol head so the chase does go a long way to keeping the Bullitt DVD in my collection.

Do I think its the best car chase in cinema? No, but it is very good and has the added kudos from McQueen performing some of the chase himself.

Now for this project there is no video unfortunately and there are a lot fewer pictures than I had planned. I tried a new way of carrying the film screen shots which back fired when the SD card they were stored on became corrupt so I was left trying to do a lot of the shots from memory.

I hope this dosnt spoil the collection for you and with luck and good fortune I may find myself back on west coast USA in the future and I can re-visit the project. 

If you have any connection to the film or location information then please get in touch and let me know. 

Then and now gallery.

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